Booking Info


By buying a design in this store you're paying a strictly non refundable deposit for your tattoo. Every design is unique and will be only tattooed once.
You can not buy a design to get it tattooed by another artist. 

The deposit comes off the total cost of your session that you'll have to pay on the day (via PayPal or in cash).

The total cost depends on the size of the tattoo you're looking to get and its placement, as some places on body take much longer to tattoo (back, chest, ribs, neck etc.).
I highly recommend actually using a ruler or a measuring tape so you can make sure what dimensions we're talking about so there will be no surprises. The total price specified in the design's details is the price for the minimum size on a leg or arm, so if you'd like to go bigger or elsewhere, of course no problem, but it'll cost you more and will require more time, so please let me know at the time of booking. 
The minimum or suggested price given is for appointments in Edinburgh, at Calamity Tattoo. For guest spots prices vary depending on location.

The mock up photos are only an example, the results on your body will vary as every body is different in size and shape.

After your purchase you'll receive a booking email and we'll discuss the details of the session. Please allow a few days for this email to arrive, I'll be as fast as possible, promise.
Right now I am booking for February-April 2024.
I'm working Monday, Thursday, Friday, and only one or two weekends a month, so please mind that I might not be able to offer you a weekend appointment.
If you'd like to book in for a very precise date (cause for example you're travelling), please send an email enquiry first.
If you'd like to book in for a guest spot, also please send an email enquiry first.

Because of my own back problems I am tattooing mostly arms, legs and backs. If you're interested in placing your tattoo elsewhere on your body (ribs, chest, etc.), it might be doable, but please let me know in advance. If you're unsure of the placement, that's okay, we can figure it out together.

I am tattooing in Edinburgh, EH9, Scotland. Precise directions to the studio will be given in the booking email.
As we are a private studio, the space is limited, so unfortunately we can not accommodate friends / partners / family members in the shop while you’re getting tattooed.

Please bring a photo ID to your appointment, you can not get tattooed if you are younger than 18 years old.

I reserve the right to refund the deposit and refuse service to anyone.

If you have any questions please send an email enquiry first: [email protected]